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Disability Insurance legal Issues

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is an insurance policy that covers a portion of your work income when you are disabled due to an injury or illness. There are short and long term disability insurance policies. Short term disability insurance is often a part of an employee's benefits package and covers the early part of a disability. Long term disability insurance replaces income for an extended period of time.

Disability Insurance Claims Legal Issues:

Many disability insurance policyholders have their claims denied. Insurance companies make excuses such as not receiving documentation on time, failure to receive medical reports, that the illness or injury is not covered under the policy or that the pain is not severe enough to hinder the employee's work. Disability insurance providers deny claims in order to save money and deny legitimate claims, hoping the policyholder does not appeal the claim.

What an Insurance Lawyer can do for you:

A Disability insurance lawyer can assist you with any issues that come up regarding your claim. A disability insurance lawyer knows the law and the trial strategies involved in identifying and seeking damages. An attorney can help you understand the complicated terms in the policy. If you are considering filing for Disability Insurance Claims benefits, an attorney can help you throughout the process and even help you get the disability compensation you need.

Lawyer Referral Service:

Contact Attorney Search Network today if you have filed a disability insurance claim and have been denied by your disability insurance company. Attorney Search Network can refer you to a disability insurance lawyer near you who can assist you.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.