Labor Certification Immigration Law

Labor Certification Legal Issues

Labor Certification Law

Labor certification is a statement by the Department of Labor, stating that there is an opening at a particular company because there are no U.S workers who pass the requirements for the available job. An alien who wants to immigrate to the U.S for employment purposes must acquire an offer for employment from a U.S employer. If an employer does not get labor certification from the Department of Labor, that alien will not be admitted as a permanent resident. Processing a labor certification is also known as the Program Electronic Review Management System (PERM).

Labor Certification Legal Issues:

There are cases where a labor certification is not required for aliens because of uniqueness of occupation and skills and/or because they do not displace American workers. Cases that do not require labor certification are shortage occupations such as registered nurses, physical therapists, sheep herders and aliens with exceeding capabilities in business, science and arts.

An approved labor certification does not:

  • Authorize a foreign national to stay in the U.S
  • Legalize an individual's stay in the U.S
  • Grant permission for an individual to work
  • Guarantee an individual permanent residence

What an Immigration Lawyer can do for you:

A labor certification lawyer has experience handling labor certification issues. The more applications the Department of Labor receives, the more time it will take the review and make decisions for labor certificates. An immigration lawyer can help an individual successfully obtain labor certification, and help employers get labor certification for their employees.

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