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Fiance Visa Legal Issues

Fiance Visa Law

The fiance visa is used in the United States for individuals who wish to bring their prospective husbands or wives to the U.S so that they can get married. The fiance visa also allows the minor children of the fiancees to be brought along to the U.S. Under the K visa, the marriage between the U.S citizen and the foreign fiance must take place within 3 months of the fiance entering the U.S.

Fiance Visa Legal Issues:

Only 60% of fiance visa applications are issued, leaving 40% of applications that do not make it. These applications are sometimes not only denied, but terminated, because of problems with the USCIS or the Embassy. Another problem with fiance visas occurs when a U.S citizen is anxious to speed the visa process and applies for tourist visas. This could be an issue because most tourist visa applications get denied, especially if the applicant is from an underdeveloped country. It is also possible to violate the terms of the fiance visa by not getting married to your fiance. If the marriage is terminated or you fail to get married within 3 months of entry to the U.S, it can lead to the removal of your fiance from the U.S, with little to no chances of them returning.

What an Immigration Lawyer can do for you:

An immigration lawyer is experienced in immigration law and knows the way fiance visas work. If you want your fiance in the U.S because you plan to marry, an immigration lawyer can handle the application so that you will be rid of hassles. A lawyer handles the delays, investigations and even denials. Immigration lawyers have connections that are necessary for solving the several issues that may come up before and after attaining a fiance visa.

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