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Family Visa Law

Family visas are for family members of U.S citizens, such as siblings or sons or daughters over 21 years old. They are also for immediate families of Green Card holders. Family visas are necessary to obtain so that family members can have the rights to enter the country. F1 visas are for unmarried sons and draughts of U.S citizens, along with their children. F2 visas are for spouses and children and unmarried sons and daughters of permanent residents. F3 visas are for married sons and daughters of U.S citizens, along with their spouses and children. F4 visas are for brothers or sisters of U.S citizens and their spouses and children.

Family Visa Legal Issues:

In certain cases, there can be serious problems for an individual placing an application for a family visa. If the applicant is an illegal resident of the U.S., an application for a family visa application can be denied. A prior criminal conviction can also impede a person's application for a family visa or sometimes even cause the visa to be revoked.

What an Immigration Lawyer can do for you:

An immigration lawyer understands the current immigration law and stays updated with changes. An immigration lawyer uses their knowledge of the law to their client's advantage. An immigration lawyer recognizes that every family visa application has its own circumstances. A lawyer works to help you attain your objective and help you overcome the obstacles that may come up along the way.

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If you need an immigration lawyer to assist you with family visa complications, or if you have general questions regarding family visas, contact Attorney Search Network today. Attorney Search Network can help you find an immigration lawyer near you who can help.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.