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E-1 Visa Law

An E-1 visa is also known as a "Treaty Trader Visa," which allows foreign nationals of a treaty nation to enter into the US for trade purposes only. These non-immigrant E-1 visa have been developed to support business and investment relations with foreign countries that have entered treaties of commerce with the United States.

With an E-1 visa, an individual may be able to legally work in the US if the company he or she works for has over 50% of its business trade with the country he or she is from. An E-1 visa will also allow that individual's family to come to the US (and possibly legally work), and will allow for travel into and out of the US freely.

What an Immigration Lawyer can do for you:

An E-1 visa will only be granted if there is sufficient reason for an individual to live in the United States for prolonged periods of time for trade and business purposes. The individual's home country must be engaged in a "substantial" amount of trade with the US in order to qualify for this type of visa. The specific qualifications are:

  • If the individual is an executive, manager or specialist in a company with US operations
  • If an individual owns 50% of a company with US operations
  • If an individual is a citizen of a treaty nation and he or she is involved in international trade at the time of application
  • If an individual is an immediate family member of an E-1 visa holder
  • If an individual's firm has the nationality of the treaty company with US operations

An E-1 visa attorney can help you determine if you are right for this type of visa and will then help you apply. An immigration attorney with visa experience will submit the application for you whether you are a company, business owner, or employee, and will see you though the process. There are certain limitations of an E-1 visa and restrictions on length of the visa as well as number of extensions. A qualified immigration attorney can discuss your options with you and explain all of the regulations and requirements.

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