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Child Support Law:

Child support is the payment given by one parent to the other parent for their child. Having a parent pay for their child is for the best interest of that child. Child support combines the income of one parent with the income of the other parent. Most states have predetermined formulas for the amount of payment a parent needs to provide. Child support may be terminated if the child goes on duty for the armed forces or if the child becomes self-supporting.

Child support is a monetary payment from one parent to the other after a divorce or separation to help pay for the child's needs and wellbeing. If a couple divorces and no longer lives together or shares their finances, the child may be affected if the parent with custody cannot afford to provide the same lifestyle that they had before the divorce. Thus, child support is a way to ensure the child will still be taken care of financially and both parents will still be financially responsible for the child.

Most states have predetermined formulas to determine the amount of child support a parent must pay. Typically it is the parent that does not have physical custody of the child that will be paying the support. The payments will be arranged monthly and continue until the child becomes a legal adult or enters the military.

Child Support Lawyers

Child support is a court-ordered obligation and is against to law to not comply with a child support order. If the parent ordered to pay child support fails to do so, misses payments, or does not pay enough, a family law lawyer can help you bring the matter to court. Missing payments or not paying a court-ordered child support can lead to jail time, fines, and other serious repercussions.

An experienced family law attorney can also help you if you are in a child support dispute with your ex-partner. An attorney will do their best to help you come to a resolution quickly so that your child is not affected.

Legal Consequences of Child Support:

When a parent does not provide proper child support, the parents need to work together to make arrangements and decide how to care for their child. In some situations, one parent might not cooperate in providing child support. The other parent may then submit this controversy to court. It is against the law for any parent to not pay court ordered child support. A parent could be held in contempt and may be sentenced to jail time.

What a Family Lawyer can do for you:

A child support lawyer can help you resolve child support disputes, whether they deal with divorce or difficult financial issues. A Family Law Lawyer can help answer your questions and give you options in case you are not getting the proper child support amount. A child support lawyer can be helpful during a divorce dispute or to try to get payments reduced. Having a child support lawyer can ensure that your interests are protected.

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