Physical Child Custody Law

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Physical Child Custody Law

There are two main types of child custody: physical child custody and legal child custody. Legal child custody decides who will make the decisions and be legally responsible for the child. This can be shared between the parents equally. Physical child custody, on the other hand, refers to with which parent the child physically lives on a regular basis. Parents may share in physical child custody, or typically, especially if they live far apart, one parent will be given primary child custody or sole child custody and the other parent may only have visitation rights.

Legal Considerations of Physical Child Custody:

Physical child custody can get complicated if one parent wishes to move away, especially if it is the parent with sole physical child custody, or if both parents share physical child custody equally. If one parent wants to move, and that move may affect how much the other parents gets to see his or her children, the matter could be taken to court. The parent that is not moving may decide to prove to a judge that the move would be harmful to the child or children, resulting in a child custody battle or an order for the parents not to move.

What a Family Law Lawyer can do for you:

Family law attorneys are experienced in all child custody matter, including those concerning physical child custody. If you need help deciding who will get physical child custody, an attorney can help you figure out what is best for your child. If you want to fight for physical child custody, whether sole or joint, and/or if you need to contest the other parent's request for physical child custody, an child custody attorney will help best represent you in court. Child custody issues can be complicated and messy, so seeking the help of an experienced physical child custody lawyer is very important.

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