Emergency Child Custody Law

Emergency Child Custody Family Law Lawyer

Emergency Child Custody Law:

If your child is potentially in danger from his or her other parent, you could request emergency child custody from your local courthouse. For example, if a child has been kidnapped from one of the parents, abused, threatened, etc., the other parent can request temporary emergency child custody, whether it is in their home county or out of state because they had to flee to escape the danger. Depending on the local rules, the parent requesting the emergency child custody may not even have to appear before a judge.

Emergency child custody can even be granted to someone other than the parents, for a short-term basis. This may occur if both parents or caretakers of the child are somehow neglecting or abusing the child.

Legal Considerations of Emergency Child Custody:

Needing to request emergency child custody can be a stressful and emotional situation. If a child is in danger or has been abused or hurt, it can be vital to get emergency child custody as soon as possible. Some counties require that both parents or parties responsible for the child appear before a judge. Even those that do not, however, will try to schedule a hearing shortly thereafter so both sides may present their stories. It is important to also remember that emergency child custody is only temporary, and will keep the child safe until a more permanent solution can be found. If someone other than the child's parents or legal caretakers is requesting emergency child custody, it may be even more difficult of a process.

What a Family Law Lawyer can do for you:

To ensure emergency child custody is granted easily and quickly, a family law lawyer is your best bet. A child custody attorney can help you request emergency child custody in court and will represent you if you must attend a hearing or appear before a judge. Family law attorneys know how important it is to keep children safe and they will do everything they can to help you ensure your child's safety. Similarly, if you are not the legal caretaker of the child but suspect that the child is suffering from abuse, neglect, or some other danger, an attorney will help you request temporary emergency child custody until the home situation of the child can be rectified safely.

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