Wage Deductions

Wage Deductions Employment Law

Wage Deductions Law:

It is not legal for employers to deduct any amount from an employee's wages so that they can pay another employee's salaries, bonuses or wages. Wage deductions are also illegal when taken from commissions or other wages in order to pay for uniforms, employee conduct penalties, cash shortages, etc. California law states that your earned wages can be withheld only under limited circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • Local, state or federal law required deductions.
  • Deductions you authorize in writing to cover such things as insurance premiums or medical dues.
  • Deductions for union dues that are authorized by joint wage agreements or collective bargaining agreements.

Wage Deduction Legal Issues:

Unlawful wage deductions can take place in several ways. An employee might perform a task for a third party who then fails to pay the employer for task simply because they didn't like it. Consequently, the employer deducts that amount from the employee's wages or commission. Another instance of wage deductions can occur when an employer deducts wages from an employer when they are is dissatisfied with their work. The following cannot be deducted from your wages:

  • Fines
  • Cash shortages in a common cash box or register used by 2 or more workers.
  • Breakage
  • Losses due to acceptance of checks which are subsequently dishonored if such employee is given discretion to accept or reject any check.
  • Losses due to defective or faulty workmanship, lost or stolen property, damage to property, default of customer credit or nonpayment for goods or services received by the customer if such losses are not attributable to employee's willful or intentional disregard of employer's interest.

What an Employment Lawyer can do for you:

Contacting an employment lawyer can help you recover the unlawful wage deductions from your paycheck. Employment lawyers make sure the employee is getting the compensation he/she deserves after being cheated, wronged or defrauded by employers.

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If you have been cheated from a wage or commission unlawfully, contact Attorney Search Network today. We can help you find an employment lawyer to help you recover your wage deduction.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.