Unpaid Benefits

Unpaid Benefits Employment Law

Unpaid Benefits Law:

Employee benefits are extra perks offered to some employees, on top of wages and salaries. These may include medical and dental health insurance coverage, compensated time off, and retirement benefits. While employers are not required to offers benefits, if they do offer them, then they must follow through and apply them. Unpaid benefits may arise if the employer fails to apply benefits after they made the offer to the employee, or if they deny some part or all of the benefits rightfully owed.

Unpaid Benefits Legal Issues:

Once an employer offers benefits to an existing or potential employee, they must follow through with those benefits. Occasionally, employers will not honor their offer of benefits either intentionally or out of ignorance of California labor laws. Issues of unpaid benefits may arise if a company tries to save money by not applying their benefits or if they attempt to only implement part of or some of the benefits they had promised. Many employees might accept the circumstances of their unpaid benefits because they do not know the legalities of such benefits. However, unpaid benefits are a violation of California labor laws and the employers should be held accountable for them.

What an Employment Lawyer can do for you:

If you have unpaid benefits due to you, a labor law attorney can help you reclaim your benefits from your employer. It is important to remember that unless you were offered benefits by your company, you are not entitled to receive benefits just because you are working. However, if your company did offer you benefits and then they do not apply them or pay them out to you, then you are entitled to take legal action. Employment law lawyers can help you reclaim your unpaid benefits and may even be able to help you recover additional damages that you incurred due to your unpaid benefits. Labor law attorneys are well versed in unpaid benefits circumstances and they can explain your rights and then help you fight for them.

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If you have been wrongfully and illegally been denied benefits by your employer, contact us today. Attorney Search Network can help you find a labor law lawyer that can assist you with recovering the compensation you are entitled to due to unpaid benefits.

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