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Union Law:

A labor union is an organization of workers which negotiates labor contracts with employers through its leadership. Unions Law Lawyers can negotiate wages, work rules, complaints, hiring, firing and promotion rules, benefits, safety at the workplace and other policies. These organizations include individual workers, past workers, professionals or the unemployed. Union laws are established for the purpose of maintaining good conditions of employment.

Union Laws Legal Issues:

A union contract is exclusive to the employer, and an employer is generally not permitted to hire another labor union even if he/she is unhappy with the performance of the current labor union. Individual employees might not have the same bargaining powers as a union of employees. An employer cannot impede with the employee's protected right to join or organize a union and cannot force employees to promote a union.

What an Employment Lawyer can do for you:

A union lawyer can assist union employees in a variety of areas. This includes wages, hours, pension benefits, insurance benefits, vacations, job performance, work rules, seniority rights, promotion procedures, layoffs, and conditions of employment. Union lawyers can also be helpful in case of a union strike. Some employees risk losing their jobs after the strike ends. A union law attorney can help protect you and your rights.

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