Meal Break Law

Meal Break Employment Law

Meal Break Law:

A meal break is the time out of an employee's work day to rest and have a meal. An employer must allow a sufficient meal break to each employee who works five or more hours. Employers do not have to pay employees for their meal break. The meal break must be keep free from work duties. In California, for example, an employer cannot have their employee work for more than 5 hours a day without giving them a meal break of at least 30 minutes.

Meal Breaks Legal Issues:

By law, an employee is required to have a given meal break period. If your employer fails to provide you with a proper break time or disregards your need for a meal break, you are entitled to get paid one hour of regular compensation pay. If your employer does not pay the additional pay, you may then file a wage claim with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. After filing, if your employer retaliates against you, discharges you for asking about a just meal break or object to you filing a claim, you may be able to file a lawsuit in court.

What an Employment Lawyer can do for you:

An employment lawyer knows the law and what it takes to protect your rights. You deserve a meal break at work, or at least just compensation for a lost meal break. An employment lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. An attorney can also be useful in a class action lawsuit, in the case that other employees are not getting a fair meal break as well.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you feel you are not being given an appropriate meal break at your workplace, you may need an employment law attorney to assist you. Contact Attorney Search Network today and we can help you find an employment lawyer to help you get compensation for lost meal breaks.

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