Maritime Labor Law

Maritime Labor Employment Law

Maritime Labor Law:

Maritime law is the "law of the sea." Maritime law covers all marine activities on navigable waters of the United States and all international waters. Maritime law includes ports, harbors, bays and rivers or anyplace ships can carry cargo or passengers. The law also applies to the operation of all types of vessels, such as super tankers, super ferries, towboats, tugboats, cruise liners, kayaks, fishing board or small skiffs. Personal injuries covered by maritime law applies to seamen, fishermen and fish processors, factory workers, vessel engineers and offers, or any individual who contributes to a vessel. Furthermore, it covers ship passengers, ship visitors or shipyard workers.

Maritime Law Legal Issues:

A person injured or even killed aboard a vessel on navigable waters has rights against the vessel owner under maritime law. If you are employed and work on a ship, boat, barge, fishing boat, tanker, container ship, cruise ship, charter boat or any other vessel, you are likely to be covered by maritime law for your injuries. Injured employees or passengers may be entitled to get compensated for the wages they would have received if an injury had not occurred during the voyage or contract period.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

Maritime lawyers have the knowledge in dealing with federal lawsuits and can protect your interests in your personal injuries. A maritime lawyer can handle all types of sea vessel boat accidents, collisions of ships and boats, crew wage claims, fires in marinas, boat and yachts, thefts, crew member sexual harassment and salvage claims and any other area involving sea navigation.

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