Criminal Drug Manufacturing

Drug Manufacturing

What is Drug Manufacturing Law?

Criminal drug manufacturing is an offense that constitutes the making and producing of illegal substances such as methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, club drugs, and other illicit drugs. A criminal drug manufacturing charge can result in long prison or jail sentences, steep fines, probation or even life in prison. These penalties can increase if combined with selling or distributing the drugs produced.

If a person is involved in any step of the drug manufacturing process, such as selling certain chemicals or machinery needed to produce a drug, they can still be charged with criminal drug manufacturing. In these cases the prosecutor must be able to prove possession, intent, and some involvement in production in order to charge someone with drug manufacturing. Law enforcement can perform a search and seizure in order to find such evidence.

Drug Manufacturing Legal Issues:

In drug manufacturing cases, the government has to prove that you actually produced the drugs. Possession of the drugs alone is not enough, even if it is at your home. In marijuana drug manufacturing cases, penalties are determined by weight. Many drug manufacturing involve a search and seizure.

Drug Manufacturing Lawyers

Drug manufacturing is illegal under federal and state law. A criminal drug offense attorney can help protect you if you are being charged with this offense. Experienced lawyers have the knowledge needed about complex drug laws to best help with your case. A criminal attorney can help you avoid severe penalties and jail time by offering you the best defense possible in court.

If your drug manufacturing charge is a federal offense, you will need a criminal defense lawyer able to practice in Federal Criminal Court. Federal criminal court rules, processes and penalties differ from State Criminal Courts.

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