Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic Steroids Lawyer

Anabolic Steroids Law:

Anabolic steroids are steroid hormones related to testosterone. They increase the synthesis of protein in cells, which ends up with the buildup of cellular tissue in the muscles. Anabolic steroids also aid in the development of masculine characteristics, such as vocal cords and body hair. Anabolic steroids are frequently used in sports and bodybuilding because it enhances strength and increases muscle mass. Supply and use for sport is against the law.

Anabolic Steroid Legal Issues:

A person who is convicted of selling steroids or unlawfully possessing steroids for selling purposes could be penalized up to 5 years of prison or more, depending on state law. They may face felony or criminal charge in state and federal court. Even if prison time is avoided, a person arrested for steroid possession may face legal expenses and seizure of assets. A criminal conviction could hinder future employment opportunities and sometimes result in drivers license suspension. Even though many Anabolic Steroid users do so for hobby or health reasons, California law recognizes Anabolic Steroids in the felony category.

What a Criminal Lawyer can do for you:

If you have been arrested for possession of anabolic steroids, hiring a criminal defense attorney could help you achieve the best possible results. A criminal defense attorney knows how to handle anabolic steroid cases because they understand the laws. A defense attorney may be able to settle penalties and fines and offer their expertise.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.