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Criminal Homicide:

The term "homicide" is used to define a human being killing another human being. It is a broad term, as it can include the intentional, unintentional, criminal, justifiable and excusable killing of another person. It is not necessarily synonymous with the term "murder" or "manslaughter" however. Murder is a type of homicide that is criminal and premeditated. Manslaughter is also considered criminal but it is not premeditated. There are also cases of justified and excusable homicide that are not considered unlawful. For example, it may be an act of self-defense or it might be an authorized act committed by a person of law.

Accidents can also unexpectedly lead to homicide. If a person kills another in a car accident or by some other act of negligence, the person may face charges such as vehicular manslaughter or another criminal charge.

Usually the circumstances surrounding the homicide define the degree of charge associated with the act. Murder is amongst the most severe, while manslaughter carries a lesser charge. Either way, homicide is incredibly serious and will likely result in some form of conviction and punishment.

Criminal Homicide Legal Issues:

The severity of penalties for homicide varies, depending upon which type was committed. Murder convictions, whether first degree or second degree, result in lifelong prison sentences. Depending on the circumstances of the crime, the sentence could include life without parole or even the death penalty. Manslaughter carries less severe punishments but can still lead to extensive jail time. In any homicide case, the accused, his or her family, and his or her loved ones will likely suffer immensely. The trials can be long, the complications tiring and the emotional stress devastating.

What a Criminal Defense Lawyer can do for you:

An experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney can help a defendant navigate the complicated and intense consequences of a homicide charge. A trial will require an in-depth investigation, extensive evidence, and expertise that a qualified attorney or law firm can provide. Legal assistance can determine the facts around your case and help to reduce the charges and sentences, or in some cases even prove the act was excusable or justifiable. An criminal defense attorney will stand by your side, defend your rights, and help to protect your family and loved ones.

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