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Attorney Search Network makes lawyer referrals to residents, visitors, business owners, workers, and employees in Santa Rosa California. Attorney Search Network is a State Bar of California Certified Lawyer Referral Service (#113) serving Sonoma County. Attorney Search Network provides pre-screened lawyer referrals in Santa Rosa California. If you have a legal issue and need a Santa Rosa lawyer referral contact Attorney Search Network. Attorney Search Network can make referrals to Santa Rosa lawyers and Sonoma County lawyers in most areas of law. Attorney Search Network is certified in most surrounding counties. Fill out the form on this page or call us at (800) 215-1190, for a Santa Rosa lawyer referral today.

Santa Rosa is the largest city in Sonoma County (per 2018 DataUSA estimates). Santa Rosa is the largest city in the California Redwood Empire, the Napa Sonoma Wine County and the North Bay area. In 2018 it was estimated that the population of Santa Rosa was 177,586. This was an increase from the 2010 census which reported the population at 167,815. The city of Santa Rosa was founded in 1833 and incorporated on March 26, 1868. Santa Rosa is county seat of Sonoma County. Santa Rosa is named after Saint Rose of Lima.

Santa Rosa has a history of overcoming natural disasters. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake almost destroyed downtown Santa Rosa. The residents stayed and rebuild, but the growth of the city of Santa Rosa slowed. In 2017 the Tubbs Fire destroyed 5% of the city's homes, claimed the lives of 19 people, and destroyed many businesses. Many residents sought the help of Santa Rosa lawyers when dealing with their insurance, city building/zoning ordinances, and fraudulent contractors.

As the county seat, Santa Rosa is home to most of the branches of the Superior Court of California County of Sonoma. The Hall of Justice, the Civil and Family Law Courthouse, the Empire College Annex, and the Juvenile Justice Center are all in Santa Rosa. For most residents of Sonoma County their legal issues will be heard, if necessary, in Santa Rosa courthouses. The United State Bankruptcy Court Northern District of California has a Santa Rosa courthouse. Bankruptcy cases, which are Federal, will be heard in Santa Rosa. If you have legal issues in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County, contact Attorney Search Network for a Santa Rosa Lawyer Referral. A Santa Rosa lawyer can help with almost any legal issue, even if the client lives outside of Santa Rosa, but must appear in a Santa Rosa courthouse.

Legal Issues in Santa Rosa California

There are many legal issues that businesses, visitors, and residents of Santa Rosa need help with. If you need a Santa Rosa lawyer referral contact Attorney Search Network for help. Attorney Search Network pre-screens our Santa Rosa attorneys. Find the right Santa Rosa lawyer, call Attorney Search Network.

  • Santa Rosa Personal Injury Attorneys: Even in a minor car accident person injury can occur. Minor injuries, often called "Soft Tissue" injuries can require lengthy treatment, missed work, medical bills, and long recovery times. While it might be tempting to disregard slight discomfort right after a car accident, that discomfort could be an injury that can disrupt your ability to be comfortable and work. Contact a Personal Injury lawyer immediately after you are in a car accident. A Santa Rosa Attorney can fight to obtain the funds needed for recovery. A Santa Rosa injury attorney can fight for medical expenses, deal with the insurance company, and fight in court for you. A personal injury attorney can negotiate or file suit on behalf of their clients, depending on what the case dictates.
  • Santa Rosa Will Drafting Lawyers: A Will is a legal document that dictates how you want your valuables, assets, and estate distributed upon your passing. There are many different types of wills. A Santa Rosa lawyer can help you select the right kind of will for your needs. If a will is not the right legal solution for you, a Santa Rosa lawyer can explore living trusts, estate plans, and other options. Use a Santa Rosa Attorney to assist with the creation of your will to ensure your wishes and desires are properly executed when you pass away.
  • Santa Rosa Premises Liability Attorneys: Owners and managers of properties and businesses have a duty to maintain a safe property for visitors and customers. If you have an accident and are injured on a property due to negligence a Santa Rosa lawyer can help. A Santa Rosa personal injury lawyers fight to make sure you get the funds you need to recover and heal. Personal Injury attorneys help clients injured in accidents and falls. If you are injured in a premises liability accident contact Attorney Search Network.
  • Santa Rosa Probate Attorney: The ownership transfer of assets and property after a personal death often happens through probate. A probate lawyer helps families officially transfer an estate of a deceased. An estate is made up of the debts, property, and assets of the person who has died. A Santa Rosa Probate Attorney assists trustees correctly and efficiently transfer property to the designated heirs. If there are debts associated with the estate, a probate attorney can assist the trustee in ensuring they are satisfied during the probate process. If you need a probate attorney contact Attorney Search Network for a Santa Rosa Lawyer Referral.
  • Santa Rosa Wrongful Termination Lawyers: If an employee is terminated for discriminatory reasons, they may have legal recourse. A Santa Rosa lawyer can investigate the circumstance of the termination and if they violate California or Federal Employment Laws, that lawyer can file suit. If you have been wrongfully terminated because of discrimination contact an employment law lawyer today.
  • Santa Rosa Criminal Attorneys: If you are arrested a criminal defense attorney can be your advocate in criminal court. Your Santa Rosa lawyer can represent your interests. They can fight the chargers and pursue a not guilty verdict. They can negotiate a plea bargain. A criminal attorney can request house arrest or a restricted license. A criminal attorney can coordinate a peaceful surrender. A criminal attorney can pursue a strategy that meets your personal and professional goals. If you are arrested and charged with a criminal offense seek out a Santa Rosa lawyer referral for your case.

Attorney Search Network can refer Santa Rosa lawyers for most areas of law. If a Santa Rosa attorney is not able to assist you, Attorney Search Network can provide phone numbers to legal and non-legal resources which may be able to help. Attorney Search Network is certified in 40 counties in California including Sonoma and most the surrounding counties. Get the help you need today, call us for a Santa Rosa Lawyer referral.

Helpful Santa Rosa Legal Resources

Superior Court of California County of Sonoma

Sonoma - Hall of Justice

600 Administration Drive

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Hours: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Main Phone: (707) 521-6500

Accounting: (707) 521-6747

Administration: (707) 521-6501

Appeals: (707) 521-6572

Archived Records: (707) 521-6670

Civil: (707) 521-6610

Collections: (707) 521-6659

Criminal: (707) 521-6620

Family Court Services: (707) 521-6800

GC Services: (800) 295-4695

Juvenile Delinquency: (707) 521-6700

Juvenile Dependency: (707) 521-6590

Juvenile Traffic: (707) 521-6681

Jury Services: (707) 521-6640

Transcripts: (707) 521-6799

Traffic: (707) 521-6680

Civil and Family Law Courthouse

3055 Cleveland Ave

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Main Phone: (707) 521-6500

Probate: (707) 521-6586

Probate (707) 521-6630

Family Law Facilitator: (707) 521-6545

Family Law: (707) 521-6630

Empire College Annex

3035 Cleveland Ave., Suite 200

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Main Phone: (707) 521-6500

Juvenile Justice Center

7425 Rancho Los Guillicos

Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Main Phone: (707) 521-6700

Juvenile Delinquency Court: (707) 521-6700

DMV Offices Sonoma County

DMV Santa Rosa

Department of Motor Vehicles

2570 Corby Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95407

(800) 777-0133

City of Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa City Hall

100 Santa Rosa Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95404

City Hall (707) 543-3010

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.