Consumer Fraud

Consumer Fraud Law

Consumer Fraud Law:

Consumer fraud encompasses a wide range of fraudulent and deceptive practices in the advertising, marketing, sale, and/or provision of goods or services. Consumer fraud occurs when a product or service does not perform in the manner in which it was advertised or represented to perform. Consumer fraud can also take place when a company overcharges or charges consumers improperly for a product or service, conceals hidden charges, or improperly imposes unfair terms and conditions in standard form contracts.

Consumer Fraud Legal Issues:

Being a victim of consumer fraud can be frustrating and scary particularly when you are a victim of identity fraud. Consumer fraud has increased in the past decade, largely by the growth of the Internet practices. The most widely recognized form of fraud is identity theft, which often involves credit card, bank accounts, employment and phone or utilities fraud.

What a Consumer Lawyer can do for you:

If you have been a victim of consumer fraud, you can file a consumer fraud claim or hire a consumer fraud lawyer that can help you with your consumer fraud claim. A consumer fraud lawyer assist people with consumer/purchaser frauds, misrepresentations, and other sharp practices, including failure to adhere to sale/purchase terms, refusal to keep contractual promises, inaccurate and misleading advertising.

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