Civil Law Appeals

Civil Law Appeals Law

Civil Law Appeals Law:

A civil appeal is a request for a court to review the decision of a trial court or administrative agency in an effort to gain a second chance to obtain justice. Occasionally, the initial decision may have been made in error or may have had some other circumstance giving it plausible grounds for an appeal. In that case, a civil appeal may be requested, which is done on paper and not with another trial. No new evidence may be presented. Instead, the original litigation decision will be thoroughly examined to find any fault or error that may have occurred. If a mistake or error is found, the appellate justices will either send the decision back to the original court for a new trial, or they will recommend what action the court should take in their new decision.

Civil Appeals Legal Issues:

In order to request a civil appeal, there must be plausible grounds for believing the original decision in a trial was made in error. The civil appeal process can be complex and not as straightforward as one may think. The court that will handle the civil appeal depends upon which court or agency made the original decision. In addition, there are time restrictions that limit when a civil appeal may be made after the initial decision. Determining these deadlines can be unclear and confusing, as can determining which orders, if any, of a court's decision can or should be appealed. The civil appeal process does cost additional money and it can be a lengthy process, requiring additional paperwork and steps. There is no guarantee that the appeal will be approved and there are few instances of getting a rehearing if the appeal is denied.

What a Civil Appeals Lawyer can do for you:

Because the civil appeal process may be complicated, seeking the help of a civil appeals lawyer may greatly help your case. An experienced attorney has the knowledge needed to be able to help you determine whether or not you can indeed request a civil appeal. An attorney will be able to review your initial litigation decision and help find any error or fault that may have occurred. They can then file the request for a civil appeal for you and be the liaison between you and the court. A civil appeals attorney can advise you on all necessary steps that must be taken in the appeal process and they can be your best chance at successfully reaching your desired outcome in winning your appeal.

Lawyer Referral Services:

If you are unhappy with a decision made by the judge or jury in your trial, Attorney Search Network can help you find a civil appeals lawyer that will help you file a request for a civil appeal. Contact us today to find an attorney that can help you with your case.

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