Unsuitable Investments Law

Unsuitable Investments

Unsuitable Investments Law:

When making investment recommendations to an investor, a stock broker must have the needs and investment objectives of the investor as their best interest. A broker is responsible for recommending investments that are suitable. An investment could be unsuitable if an investor lacks the financial ability to handle any risks that may be associated with an investment, in case the investment was not in line with the goals of the investor.

Unsuitable Investments Legal Issues:

Brokers are responsible for gathering necessary information and understanding the risk factors before handing over the investment information over the investor. Tax and other appropriate considerations should be made beforehand. Unsuitable investments occur when brokers breach those fiduciary duties and make unsuitable recommendations for an investor.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

If you are an investor whose broker gave unsuitable investment recommendations to, you can hold your broker liable for any losses you incurred. A business lawyer can help you pursue legal ramifications against a broker. By working with a business lawyer, you can contest your illegitimate losses and make sure your finances are secure.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If your broker made unsuitable investment recommendations which have caused major financial losses, a business lawyer can help. Attorney Search Network can help you find a business lawyer in your area.

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