Business Trade Secrets

Business Trade Secrets

Business Trade Secrets Law:

A business trade secret can be any information that a business keeps confidential because it results in economic value and sets a company apart from competitors. Trade secrets could be formulas, patterns, compilations, programs, devices, methods, techniques, etc. Blueprints, customer lists, pricing information, and non-public financial data are well known examples of business trade secrets.

Trade Secrets Legal Issues:

A company determines a trade secret by the extent to which the information is known outside of the business, the extent that the trade secret is known by inside the business, the savings or the values the trade secret provides as opposed to competitors, the amount of time it took for the trade secret to develop and how expensive it would be if others were to acquire and use that information.

The federal government makes it a crime for employees to disclose the business trade secrets of a company. In addition, the company will be awarded monetary relief if there was improper disclosure of the trade secret.

What a Business Law Lawyer can do for you:

A business lawyer who works with trade secrets helps businesses protect the valuable information that makes designs, formulas, or service models unique. Trade secret lawyers work to prevent others from acquiring them and using them to their own benefit. Trade secret lawyers can also provide businesses with counsel and resources so that they can stay competitive in the market.

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