Regulation D Law

Regulation D

Regulation D Law:

According to the Securities Act of 1933, any offer to sell securities must either be registered with the SEC or meet an approved exemption. Regulation D also called "Reg D" provides three exemptions from the registration requirements. Regulation D allows some smaller companies to offer and sell securities without registering their securities with the SEC.Companies using a Regulation D exemption typically do not have to file reports with the SEC. Companies using a Regulation D must file a "Form D" after they sell their securities. Form D is a brief notice that includes limited information about the company, the names and addresses of the company's owners and stock promoters.

Regulation D Legal Issues:

An incorrectly filed Regulation Dor Form Dcan subject your organization and its owners to legal penalties. The legal issues can be civil and criminal and include SEC violations. A poorly structured Regulation D can discourage potential investors and investment groups from purchasing securities.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

A qualified Business and Securities lawyer can assist you and your company in applying for a Regulation D exemption and in filing a Form D. A business lawyer with experience in securities matters can defending you and you company against any legal action that results from errors in a Regulation D.

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