Business Partnership

Business Partnership

Business Partnership Law:

A business partnership is formed between one or more businesses in which partners join labor to form an enterprise so they can share profits and losses.

Business partnerships create substantial benefits for business owners because there are reductions in general costs since those costs are divided amongst partners. The direct benefits of business partnerships create a greater competitive advantage through the co-operation and better opportunities of revenues, occupation and investment.

Greater rewards can come from forming a business partnership. Partnerships offer freedom for business owners with shared business tasks and the potential to earn greater profits.

Selecting the right business partner:

Selecting a business partner that has the similar work ethic and business goals is essential to the success of a partnership. You want to ensure that both business partners share the same vision in creating one uniform business partnership. Business partners want to acknowledge each others strengths and assign roles according to each partners strengths. By selecting a suitable business partner your business can achieve its highest success.

Types of Business Partnerships:

General partnerships: where all partners manage the business and are each liable for its debt.

Limited Partnership: in which certain limited partners relinquish their ability to manage the business in exchange for limited liability for the partnership's debts.

Limited Liability Partnership: in which all partners have a certain degree of limited liability.

A silent partnership: where a partner contributes capital in the profits and losses of the business, but is uninvolved in its management of the business.

Benefits of working with a Business Partnership lawyer:

Forming business partnerships can be complex when multiple partners are involved. A lawyer can help you select the type of partnership that is suitable for your businesses needs. A lawyer can also help partners assign rights and delegate duties amongst each partner, so that each partner is aware of their obligations. Lastly, a lawyer can draft complex government paperwork for forming a business partnership.

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