Liquor License Suspended Law

Liquor License Suspended

Liquor License Suspended Law:

Many establishments such as a bar, restaurant, caterer, nightclub, market, or grocery store rely heavily on their liquor licenses to bring in business and revenue. If they suddenly have their liquor license suspended, it can be detrimental to their business and their earnings. An establishment may be in danger of having their liquor license suspended if the business owner or any employee commits or is accused of any criminal violations or civil violations, and/or if they violate any of the liquor laws set forth by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) .

Liquor License Suspension Legal Issues:

Not only can having a liquor license suspended lead to loss of revenue and business, it can also lead to severe criminal and civil penalties. The business owner (and/or employees) may face high fines, arrest, points on a criminal record, community service, or imprisonment.

What a Business Law Lawyer can do for you:

Business law attorneys are well versed in all California liquor laws and regulations pertaining to the ABC. They know what violations can get a business's liquor license suspended and how to combat those accusations and charges. An experienced attorney will thoroughly evaluate your case and defend you against any accusations you may face. An attorney can help stop the ABC from suspending your liquor license or can help you get your license back if it was suspended. Let a business law attorney help you if you are in danger of having your liquor license suspended.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you have had your liquor license suspended or if you are danger of having your liquor license suspended, contact Attorney Search Network today. Attorney Search Network can refer you to a business lawyer with experience in liquor license suspensions.

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