Handicap Access Claims Defense

Handicap Access Claims Defense

Handicap Access Claims Defense Law:

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and statewide disability laws, businesses are required by law to comply with ADA guidelines to ensure their businesses are handicap accessible. If a business violates any of the state or federal disability laws, or fails to comply with their guidelines, they may face a lawsuit and find themselves requiring handicap access claims defense. Businesses today may find themselves facing litigations regarding ADA violations. Most complaints are about lack of handicap parking or handicap-accessible restrooms. Over 40% of all ADA claims are filed in the state of California, thus many business owners are seeking reputable and knowledgeable handicap access claims defense assistance.

Handicap Access Claims Defense Legal Issues:

Facing a lawsuit over ADA violations or handicap accessibility complaints can cost a business up to three times the amount of the damage incurred, and no less than $4,000 USD. Some plaintiffs file complaints solely for financial gain, and thus the need for handicap access claims defense assistance is at an all time high.

What a Business Law Lawyer can do for you:

It is important for a business to thoroughly understand the ADA laws and how they affect your business. Many business owners believe the landlord of the building is responsible for complying with disability access laws and many believe it is okay to have a barrier blocking disability access points if they are not frequently used. Neither of these are always correct.

An experienced handicap access claims defense lawyer can explain your rights and can help you fully comprehend the various ADA and disability laws in your state. The laws and guidelines can be complicated, misinterpreted, and inconsistent, leading to many unnecessary business litigation. A business law attorney can help your business fight these lawsuits with the best handicap access claims defense possible. In the case of a violation on the part of your business, an access defense lawyer can help you meet the regulations so that you can settle the case as quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently as possible.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If your business has received a disability access complaint, a handicap access claims defense lawyer can help with compliance and/or litigation. Call Attorney Search Network and ask to be referred to a handicap access claims defense lawyer now.

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