Business Contract Tortious Interference

Business Contract Tortious Interference

Tortious interference takes place when someone intentionally harms a plaintiff's contractual or business relationship with another. This type of tort, which is also referred to as an intentional interference with contractual relations, can be divided into two main categories: interference involving contractual relations and interference involving business relations. In interference cases with business contracts, the plaintiff must provide proof that a contract existed. In business relationship cases, there does not have to be a contract in existence.

Tortious Interference Case Legal Issues:

The plaintiff, whose business or contractual relationships have been damaged, can choose to file a lawsuit against whoever intentionally breached the contract or relationship. Some common cases of Contract Tortious interference include persuading customers to break contracts, tempting employees to leave a business, or making false statements regarding a competing company. When filing a claim against someone by alleging that they committed tortious interference, it is necessary for the plaintiff to prove that the defendant intentionally harmed the plaintiff by enticing a third party to end or decide not to enter into business relations with the plaintiff. In addition, in tortious interference cases, the defendant has to have economically harmed the plaintiff.

The requirement for Tortious interference include:

  • The existence of a contract or business relationship.
  • The knowledge that of that contract, by a third party
  • Intent to harm the relationship / business contract by the third party
  • False claims made by the third party
  • Breach of the contactatal relationship
  • Damage to the party againt whom the breach occurs

Lawyer Referral Service:

In filing this type of business litigation tort claim, a business enterprise can show that a Tortious interference caused the business to lose profits or customers. This type of tort case can affect both individuals and business enterprises. If you believe that you have experienced tortious interference and would like to file a claim against the individual or entity that damaged your prospective or existing business relationships or contracts, consult a business law attorney to help recover monetary damages. Damages can include attorney's fees, general damages and punitive damages.

If you are accused of Tortious interference contact a business litigation attorney to defend your position

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