Business Securities Law

Business Securities

Business Securities Law:

Business securities are fungible, negotiable instrument representing financial value. Business securities are broadly categorized into debt and equity securities such as bonds and common stocks. Business securities may be represented by a certificate or, more typically, by an electronic book entry. Certificates may be bearer, meaning they entitle the holder to rights under the business security merely by holding the security, or registered, meaning they entitle the holder to rights only if he or she appears on a business security register maintained by the issuer or an intermediary.

Business Securities Legal Issues:

Business securities are not inherently valuable; their worth comes only from the claims they entitle their owner to make upon the assets and earnings of the issuer, or the voting power that accompanies such claims. The value of business securities depends on the issuer's financial condition, products and markets, management, and competitive and regulatory climate. Misuse or fraud can cause a significant reduction in the value of securities.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

If you have lost a large amount of money due to the misconduct of a stockbroker or your financial advisor, you may be entitled to a monitory compensation or damages. A business security lawyer can help you pursue civil remedies. A business security lawyer helps anyone who has suffered major financial losses as a result of unsuitable investments, stock churning, retirement fraud, and other improper investment schemes.

Lawyer Referral Service:

AtAttorney Search Network we can refer business security lawyers who represent investors who have lost money due to the negligence or fraudulent investment practices of their brokers. If you have been a victim off fraudulent investment practices call us now and we will find you the right business security lawyer to represent your interest.

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