Business Breach of Contract Law

Business Breach of Contract

Business Breach of Contract Law:

A contract is a promise or a set of promises for which the law gives a remedy if a breach occurs. When a party owes a duty to perform a contract and does not perform that contract, a breach of contract occurs. When a breach of contract arises, parties can attempt to mitigate the damages they have suffered so that damages do not increase.

After a breach of contract occurs parties determine if the contract can still be performed, but if the non-breaching party has contracted elsewhere to complete performance an attorney can assist with attempting to help them recover additional expenses they incurred.

Benefits of hiring a Breach of Contract Attorney

As a business owner you seek to gain profit and for your business to thrive. When a party you contracted with has breached their agreement, your business can suffer. A contract litigation attorney can assist you mitigate your losses to prevent further loss and recover damages against the breaching party.

A non-breaching party can hinder their recovery if they take action without seeking an attorney. Depending on how much performance of a contract has been completed, a non-breaching party can still be required to continue performing their part of a contract. If this performance is not continued, a non-breaching party can later be found in breach of contract in a court of law. Having an attorney provide their legal expertise can ensure that a non-breaching party is not limiting the damages they can recover.

In the formation phase of a contract, a lawyer can help parties create a liquidated damages clause within their contract in the event that a breach of contract occurs. A liquidated damage clause establishes a prefixed amount that will be paid to the non-breaching party in the event the other party is unable to perform their obligation to a contact. A liquidated damage clause protects parties by informing them in advance of a fee they will have to pay to the other party if they breach their contract, however the liquidated damage clause cannot serve as a penalty for breaching the contract.

What a Contract Lawyer can do for you

Having a lawyer draft your contract helps protect your interests in the event of a breach of contract. If the other party does breach their contract, a Business Law Lawyer can help minimize your damages so that you can recover losses in accordance with the law. Do not hinder your collection of damages without first consulting a lawyer.

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