Bankruptcy Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

What is Chapter 12 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy that only family farmers or family fishermen can claim. The specified incomes of such trades may not allow these workers and their families to pay their debts. With a Chapter 12 bankruptcy, farmers and fishermen are able to settle all or part of their debts over a three- to five-year period.

Unlike Chapter 11 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 12 bankruptcy has less complexities and complications. However, it is only a temporary solution and not all families will qualify.

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Family farmers and family fishermen with debts that do qualify can seek assistance through a Chapter 12 bankruptcy lawyer. Because this form of bankruptcy law is quite specific, it is important to have a lawyer on your side to help with guidance and filing. Bankruptcy lawyers that have experience in Chapter 12 bankruptcy can eliminate confusion and help you and your family with debt protection immediately.

Lawyer Referral Service

If you have questions about Chapter 12 Bankruptcy, contact Attorney Search Network. We can help determine whether or not you qualify for Chapter 12 bankruptcy and can refer you to a pre-screened lawyer quickly and without hassle.

Attorney Search Network will provide you with a referral to an experienced Chapter 12 Bankruptcy lawyer in your area today.

Attorney Search Network can provide you with an attorney referral you to a pre-screened Chapter 12 bankruptcy lawyer in your area today.