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DMV Hearings Legal Issues

DMV Hearings law:

A Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing is a proceeding regarding one's driving privileges. The circumstances surrounding one's arrest are also examined, such as if the driver took a blood/breath/urine test or refused to take a blood/breath/urine test. DMV Hearings are commonly scheduled for Drunk Driving charges and traffic ticket points on a drivers license.

When a driver is arrested or charged with a traffic offense, he or she may be subject to a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) hearing. A DMV hearing is an administrative hearing held before the Department of Motor Vehicles that will examine a traffic offender's driving privileges and the circumstances surrounding the offense. A DMV hearing allows the defendant to present relevant evidence that may or may not help them avoid a traffic conviction.

DMV hearings are common in DUI cases and in cases where points may be added on to an individual's driving record. Contesting the ticket or charge in a DMV hearing may help the driver avoid license suspension, fines, traffic school, jail time, and other punishments. In a DMV hearing, a judge will assess the severity of the ticket or charge, the evidence, and the circumstances surrounding the charge, such as whether or not the driver took a breath/blood/urine test, etc.

Contesting a traffic ticket in a DMV hearing may be intimidating, and challenging to win. Luckily, there are traffic law lawyers that are knowledgeable in DMV hearings that can help. A traffic law attorney will help defend you and fight against the arresting officer. An experienced attorney may even be able to appeal your traffic conviction all the way to the superior court, if necessary. If a traffic attorney represents you in a DMV hearing, you will have your best chance at beating the charge and keeping your drivers license. If you are convicted, an attorney may be able to help you attain a restricted drivers license rather than having your license fully suspended. He or she may also be able to help get any other punishments inflicted upon you minimized or dropped.

DMV Hearings Legal Issues:

It is strongly advised for you to request an administrative hearing. Contesting the validity of the license suspension will help you fight the odds against you. The DMV hearing is similar to civil and criminal trials, except the jury and the presence of an administrative judge.

What a Traffic Lawyer can do for you:

Experienced traffic lawyers can secure your driving privileges in the case of a license suspension. They can challenge the arresting officer and even find reasonable cause to appeal the license suspension all the way to superior court. Attorneys try their best to win all administrative license suspension hearings and even if they don't, they can help clients attain restrictive drivers licenses, which allows them to drive to work and back home.

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