Fiduciary Duties Law

Fiduciary Duties Legal Issues:

Fiduciary Duties Law:

Fiduciary duty is the obligations of acting in the best interest of another party. For example, a corporation's board members have fiduciary duties to the shareholders and an attorney has a fiduciary duty to a client. The client knows that the fiduciary must put forth their best efforts.

Fiduciary Duty Legal Issues:

Real estate brokers or contractors have a fiduciary duty towards real property buyers. This means that the fiduciary duties of the brokers are that they act in the benefit of the buyers. Failure to do so may be regarded as a breach of fiduciary duty. A breach of fiduciary duties can have serious effects on a company and break the trust established between two entities. Violations of fiduciary duties are often denied and it can be difficult to prove that there is a valid case.

What a Real Property Lawyer can do for you:

A fiduciary duties lawyer can be helpful if a fiduciary does not act with integrity and honesty. Attorneys can represent clients in breach of fiduciary duty cases, including mismanagement of money, fraud and failure of full disclosure.

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