Egress Petition Law

Egress Petition Legal Issues:

Egress Petition Law:

A right of egress petition is used to exercise your legal right to have a person exit or leave your property. An egress petition is commonly used when easements are involved. An easement is a legally binding arrangement, which can both protect, or restrict, the rights of use on a piece of property. Any details surrounding the egress of a real estate parcel will be listed under the property easements on the property deed.

Common Egress Easements

Common types egress easements allow adjoining properties the use of a shared driveway, the right to walk across a designated portion of the property or the use of a private road to reach the property.

Egress Agreement Guidelines

Property easements will detail the specifics of the egress guidelines, as well as note if the arrangement can be altered, or provide a time frame in which the easement is valid and legally binding.

What a Real Estate Lawyer can do for you:

If you own property which has a common use issue, filing an Egress Petition can avoid future problems. Clarifying the users' rights, limits and responsibilities can avoid conflict and possible legal action in the future. A Real Estate Attorney can assist you in creating and filing your Egress Petition. If you feel someone is unlawfully using your land through an easement, a Real Estate Lawyer can help you file a right of egress petition so you can exercise your right for them leave your property in a lawful manner.

If you own property that requires easement use of an adjoining property, a Real Estate Lawyer can file an Egress Petition to secure your right of use. If you need assistance filing an egress petition, contact Attorney Search Network today for a free lawyer referral.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.