California Mineral Rights Law

California Mineral Rights Legal Issues:

California Mineral Rights Law:

California Mineral Rights Law apply to all property owners that have any minerals (commonly oil and natural gas) under the surface of their property. This may also include gold, diamonds, copper, or other valuable minerals. In some instances, mineral subsurface rights may also include surface rights, giving the land owners full rights to surface minerals on their property like clay, coal, or lignite. The California Mineral Rights owners then have full control over the subsurface minerals, surface minerals, land, and air on their property. They may extract any of it, lease it, gift it, or sell it.

In some cases, the surface and subsurface California Mineral Rights may have been separated by previous land owners. If the property owners do not own the subsurface mineral rights of their property, they are called surface property owners.

California mineral rights Legal Issues:

The benefits of a property owner also owning their land's mineral rights, means that they can earn extra income from selling or leasing the minerals on or under their property. If the property owner does not own the subsurface mineral rights, however, the rightful owner can choose to extract those minerals at any time, causing inconvenience to the property owner. Similarly, the mineral rights may have separate royalty rights, owned by someone else. This could create confusion and conflict about income received from selling or renting minerals. If the property owner owns the royalty rights however, they may not be able to authorize the extraction of their land's minerals or water rights, but they may benefit greatly from receiving royalties over the course of their lifetime.

What a Real Property Lawyer can do for you:

California Mineral Rights Law can be confusing and complex to property owners that are first time mineral rights owners. If the subsurface rights are separate from the surface rights, you may need a real property lawyer to assist if you are contacted about mineral extraction from your property. There may be restrictions placed on the mineral rights owners regarding use of your surface property. In addition, if you are mineral royalty rights owners, you may be entitled to cashing out your rights or benefiting from royalties over the course of your lifetime. In any instance, an environmental lawyer can greatly help by explaining your rights and helping you defend your property, and/or understand what benefits are owed to you.

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