Parking Lot Injury Law

Parking Lot Injury Legal Issues:

Parking Lot Injury Law:

Parking lots are not always as stable and safe people think. As people use them to park their cars regularly, parking lots degrade continuously. In addition, if a parking lot is improperly designed or structured, future accidents can occur. Anytime a person slips or falls in a parking lot he or she is at danger of suffering serious injuries.

Common Parking Lot Injuries:

  • Herniated discs
  • Broken bones
  • Injuries that may cause temporary or permanent disability
  • Bone injuries to children

Requirements of parking lot owners

Parking lot owners are required to make sure their parking lots are kept safe. If a parking lot owner does not properly maintain their parking lot and you are injured, they can be held negligent, under Premises Liability Law. A lot owner breaches their duty of care owed to parking lot users if they create, or allows to exist, a harm where injuries could be anticipated.

Injuries to pedestrians can be caused by potholes, uneven cement slabs, cracks in the pavement, improperly placed tire bumpers, dilapidated curbing, debris and even gravel.

What an Injury Lawyer can do for you

An injury lawyer can establish liability between the injured party and the lot owner. They can gather evidence of routine parking lot inspections, recent maintenance and prove a causal link between the negligence of the parking lot owner and the person's injury. Parking lot owners might try to negotiate a lower settlement to avoid litigation, but an injury attorney can fight to make sure you receive the settlement you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, future treatment and lost wages. If you have been injured in a parking lot contact Attorney Search Network today for a free lawyer referral.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.