Escalator Injury Law

Escalator Injury Issues:

Escalator Accident Law:

An escalator is a moving conveyor staircase that carries people between floors of a building. When escalators are not properly maintained, escalator accidents can happen. Most escalator accidents occur when an escalator suddenly stops, have wet, slippery surfaces or when clothing, fingers and toes get caught in the metal teeth of the escalator.

Escalator Accident Legal Issues:

Although escalator accidents are not as common as car accidents, injuries from escalator accidents do occur. People step onto escalators without thinking about potential danger. Escalator accidents can often be attributed to the negligence in maintenance requirements by manufacturers and service vendors. Escalator accidents can cause minor to severe injuries, including broken bones, scars, abrasions, flesh wounds and even wrongful death, which can result in pain and suffering and high medical bills.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

Escalator accident lawyers can help clients overcome their personal injury. Lawyers can consult with engineers and safety specialists to determine the source of the escalator malfunction that led to the injury. Escalator injury lawyers understand that your injuries may be due to design flaws, sudden stops or improper warnings and can pursue your case to recover compensation for your injuries.

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If you or someone you know has been injured from an escalator accident and needs the assistance of an escalator accident lawyer, Attorney Search Network can help. We can help connect you with an escalator accident lawyer in your area.

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