Liquor License Violation Law

Liquor License Violation Legal Issues:

Liquor License Violations Law

A liquor license is necessary in order to sell alcoholic beverages. A liquor license is obtained by hotels, restaurants, grocery/convenience stores, gas stations and liquor stores. A liquor license is not necessary if there is no sale of alcoholic beverages, or if the premises are not open to the public at the time alcoholic beverages are consumed.

Liquor License Violations Legal Issues:

There could be several instances where a liquor license violation can cause a liquor license to be revoked. The following are liquor license violations:

  • Alcohol sales to already intoxicated persons (dram shop)
  • Violation of hours of operation
  • Alcohol sales to underage persons that are younger than 21 years old
  • Violations of the terms indicated on the license
  • Failure to provide annual reports or maintaining recordkeeping practices
  • Inventory violations
  • Improper license transfer practices
  • Advertising violations

What a Lawyer can do for you:

If your business has been cited for a liquor license violation, hiring a liquor license violation lawyer can help you avoid a license suspension or the loss of your license. A liquor lawyer can work with you to prepare a defense on your behalf by investigating the violations and putting together a valid argument on your behalf.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If your liquor license was suspended or revoked because of an alleged liquor license violation, contact a liquor lawyer today. Attorney Search Network can help you find a liquor license violation lawyer in your area.

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