Non-Disclosure Agreement Law

Non-Disclosure Agreement Law Lawyer

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

A non-disclosure agreement, also called a confidentiality agreement, is a contract in which parties promise the confidentiality of secret information. A non-disclosure agreement can be used during employment or other types of business transactions, including trademark and other intellectual property. Rather than relying on an oral agreement, signing a non-disclosure agreement is a way for parties to make sure a confidential relationship is established.

Non-Disclosure Agreements Legal Issues:

If there is a flaw in the non-disclosure agreement, it will fail to provide protection for you and your business. It is also difficult to determine what is covered by the agreement and what is not. If a partner breaches a non-disclosure agreement, you may take them to court for damages, which could be expensive and time consuming.

What an Employment Lawyer can do for you:

Asking a non-disclosure agreement lawyer to draw up a confidentiality agreement can be a way to ensure better protection. An intellectual property lawyer can make sure that all definitions and exceptions are clearly described in the non-disclosure agreement, alleviating any confusion it might cause. If an employer asks you to sign a non-disclosure agreement before accepting the job position, a intellectual property lawyer can look over it before you sign it.

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