Foster Child Adoption Law

Foster Child Adoption Family Law Lawyer

Foster Child Adoption Law:

There are two types of Foster Child Adoptions. The first is commonly referred to as Foster-to-Adopt. Families explicitly participate in the foster system to adopt. The biological parents of these children typically have already lost their parental rights. These foster families are monitored by the State, and County Agencies, just like foster home families.

The second scenario involves families who have entered into the foster care system with the intent to provide a safe and loving home to children. These children are expected to be re-united with their parents or placed elsewhere for adoption. It is common for foster parents to become interested in adopting the child they have been fostering. Over time the family develops bonds with a foster child which leads to the desire to adopt the foster child.

Foster Child Adoptions Legal Issues:

The first step to adopting a foster child is to determine whether you meet the criteria. There are back ground checks, home inspections, training hour requirements, Child Abuse Central Index check and ongoing monitoring that must be adhered to before a family can enter the foster care system or adopt a foster child.

The next consideration is parental rights. For Foster Child Adoption to occur the biological parental rights have to be terminated. This can be done automatically through the court or voluntarily by the biological parent. The court makes extreme efforts to re-unit children with biological parents. This process can very emotional for a foster parent hoping to adopt.

The final step is a hearing. A Foster Child Adoption attorney can serve as an advocate at this hearing.

What a Foster Child Adopton Lawyer can do for you:

Foster parents hoping to adopt a foster child have legal rights. Some of these rights have recently been expanded. A Foster Child Adoption lawyer can assist foster parents navigate the legal requirements and understand the law.

If a hearing is required because biological parental rights are contested a Foster Child Adoption lawyer can be an advocate. A lawyer can help secure the termination of parental rights in adoption court or juvenile court.

Adoption is a very emotional process. Adopting a foster child through the foster system is time consuming. The courts give biological parents a number of opportunities to reunite with the child. Foster parents and those hoping to adopt a foster child often feel helpless. Foster Child Adoption lawyer can work through the courts and agencies to keep the process moving and provide adoptive parents the resources and legal options they need.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.