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Absolute Divorce Family Law Lawyer

Absolute Divorce Law:

Couples looking to divorce or separate may not realize there are actually multiple types of divorce in family law. The four main types are absolute divorce, limited divorce, no-fault divorce and uncontested divorce. Absolute divorce is the legal term given to a divorce that completely ends a marriage, terminating all legal bonds. With an absolute divorce, the marriage is fully dissolved and the two parties return to being single.

Absolute Divorce Legal Issues:

An absolute divorce will strip a couple of all marriage rights, fully dissolving a valid marriage. Each state has different laws pertaining to divorce procedures and requirements, which may be more complicated than the couple or either party expects. Generally, there must be grounds for an absolute divorce, such as "irreconcilable differences." Some states require evidence to substantiate the alleged grounds for divorce.

In an absolute divorce, conflicts may arise that need to be resolved in court, regarding issues such as division of assets, child custody, alimony, etc. Because of this, divorces can be lengthy and expensive legal procedures, causing stress, unpleasant emotions, and financial issues.

What a Family Law Lawyer can do for you:

A divorce lawyer could be extremely helpful in filing for an absolute divorce. Even if the divorce is mutually agreed upon and amicable, conflicts and issues may still arise when setting the terms of a divorce agreement. A divorce attorney will help ensure your rights are protected and your absolute divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

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