Affirmative Action Law

Affirmative Action Law

Affirmative Action Employment Law

Affirmative action programs are instituted to address issues related to discrimination of minorities and women. Affirmative action deals with a history of discrimination at the workplace by giving preference to minority groups when hiring, training and promoting employees. Even though laws were passed that specifically outlawed racial, religious, age and gender discrimination, these exclusionary practices continued to exist. Affirmative action provides access of employment to minority groups that were previsiously denied employment on the basis of their race, gender, etc.

Affirmative Action Legal Issues:

Governments often require some employers to establish an affirmative action program. They also require employers to file annual reports that indicate the racial makeup of their employees. This is all done to ensure that employers follow laws regarding discrimination and equal opportunity. When creating these programs in the workplace, employers need to be cautious, so that they do not disregard the rights of their current employees.

What an Employment Lawyer can do for you:

Affirmative action lawyers have experience in developing and defending affirmative action plans for businesses. Affirmative action lawyers work with employers to prepare and update state and federal plans and advise management about compliance with affirmative action regulations. Affirmative action lawyers can also help employers comply with minority and women enterprises.

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Do you need to set up an affirmative action plan in the workplace? Are you facing opposition to affirmative action? Consult an affirmative action lawyer today. Attorney Search Network can help you find an affirmative action lawyer in your area that handles affirmative action issues.

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