Prescription Drug Crimes

Prescription Drug Crimes

Prescription Drug Crimes Law:

A drug can be legal when it is prescribed by a doctor, however it can be illegal when someone uses the drug without a valid prescription. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in California. There are many possible ways for someone to abuse prescription drugs. Some people obtain the prescription drugs from a person who has a valid prescription. Some people steal a doctor's prescription booklets and forge the doctor's signature for the medication, while some create a counterfeit prescription that resembles a doctor's prescription booklet. Some people do what is called "Doctor Shopping," which is going to different doctors and complaining about a medical condition to get prescriptions from each of the doctors.

The most common prescription drug that is abused is pain medication. Often times people are prescribed medication for pain and become addicted to the medication through the course of treatment. These drug crimes are treated differently from illegal drug crimes because often times the prescriptions are obtained lawfully and result in addiction.

Prescription Drugs are commonly abused

OxyContin possession without a valid prescription is a drug crime. The duration of potential prison time and fines depends on the amount of OxyContin you illegally possessed. Manufacturing OxyContin, creating OxyContin, delivering OxyContin, and possessing OxyContin with the intent to manufacture OxyContin, create OxyContin, or deliver OxyContin are all felony drug crimes. Vicodin is a legal prescription drug in California. However, people are commonly arrested and prosecuted for illegal Vicodin crimes. Vicodin manufacture, Vicodin creation, Vicodin delivery, and possessing Vicodin with the intent to manufacture Vicodin, create Vicodin, or deliver Vicodin are all felony drug crime.

Other determining factors can hurt your criminal prescription drug case and increase your sentence, factors such as: Prior criminal record, the age of the person you distributed illegal prescription drugs to, or if the prescription drugs were distributed within the vicinity of schools, businesses or churches. If you are caught with illegal prescription drugs your driving privilege can be revoked. Also, if you are not a doctor and are caught with a doctor prescription note pad, the penalties can be just as severe as possessing illegal prescription drugs.

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Prescription drug crimes are very serious. A conviction of a drug crime of this type can result in prison time, loss of future employment and thousands of dollars in fines. Having an experienced prescription drug crimes lawyer will help ensure your rights are being provided for. Prescription drug crime attorneys have experience examining evidence, negotiating with the Office of the District Attorney and litigating cases to trial verdict. If you or a loved one is being accused or investigated for a prescription drug crime, contact Attorney Search Network today for a free criminal defense lawyer referral.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.