Criminal Drug Distribution

Drug Distribution

What is Drug Distribution?

Drug distribution is a criminal drug offense that refers to the illegal selling, trafficking, transporting or importing of a controlled substance in the United States. A controlled substance is defined as any drug or chemical that is governed and regulated by law. This includes such drugs as cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, club drugs, and narcotics. It may also include prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Drug distribution is a felony that carries serious consequences and punishments. If convicted of criminal drug distribution, you may be facing a life sentence in prison. The penalties involved with a drug distribution charge will vary depending upon the type of drug involved, amount of drugs or cash on hand at the time of arrest, location of distribution, and people involved. If selling or distributing drugs to children, for instance, the penalties will be more severe. Similarly, repeat drug offenders are at risk of receiving more severe punishments and penalties. It is also possible to be convicted of drug distribution even if you have not yet transferred or transported any drugs. Simply being found in possession of drugs with the intent to sell or transport can be enough to warrant a criminal drug distribution charge.

Drug Distribution Legal Issues:

Drug laws against drug distribution are designed to seriously punish big time dealers and repeat offenders. Drug distribution offenders are faced with harsh consequences if convicted and may have to register as a drug offender.

Drug Distribution Lawyers

Drug laws vary state to state and between the state and federal levels. Thus, it is important to seek the council of an experienced criminal drug offense lawyer to help navigate these complicated drug laws if you are facing a drug distribution charge. Without a criminal lawyer, you may face high fines, long prison or jail sentences, and other life-changing consequences. A drug distribution lawyer will help defend your rights and protect you in court so that you have the best chance at beating or seriously reducing your charges.

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