Federal Criminal Law

Federal Criminal Law

What is Federal Criminal Law?

Criminal prosecutions can happen at either a state level or federal level. Offenses that are prosecuted by the federal courts fall under federal criminal law. In order to be prosecuted in a federal court, the crimes committed must somehow involve or affect the federal government or some aspect of interstate commerce.

When someone violates a federal criminal law, they are subject to federal criminal procedures, which are governed by the Bill of Rights and certain provisions of the US Constitution. Crimes committed on federal property, like a post office, national park or inside a federal building are heard in the federal criminal court jurisdiction.

Federal criminal law is much different and much more severe than state criminal law. Federal authorities such as the FBI will be the enforcement agencies investigating crimes that fall under federal criminal law. Federal prosecutors and judges are typically the most experienced in their fields. In addition, punishments and sentences at the federal level are much worse than at the state level. The federal criminal code is a highly complex and serious aspect of the justice system.

Federal Criminal Law Lawyers

Being charged with a federal criminal offense can be life changing if unrepresented by a professional criminal defense lawyer. The FBI or other federal authorities may find ways to trap you, and you could find yourself testifying in front of a grand jury and facing severe sentencing.

It is important to obtain an experienced federal criminal law attorney that is familiar with the complexities of federal criminal law and procedures to represent you. If you are accused of a federal offense, a federal criminal attorney can help you through the legal proceedings, trial and federal court system. A federal criminal law lawyer may be your best chance at a strong defense.

Not every criminal can or does practice in federal criminal courts. It is important to ensure the criminal lawyer you hire has experience and can represent you in federal criminal court.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.