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The city of Kerman is in Fresno County, west of City of Fresno at the intersection of California State Route 180 and California State Route 145. It is estimated that the population has grown to 15,282 as of 2019. The population was 13,544 in 2010. The total area of the City of Kerman is 3.27 square miles. There are four elementary schools, one junior high school, and two high schools in Kerman.

Kerman was formally named Collis, after Collis Potter Huntington. The city name of Kerman is comprised of a combination of the first three letters in the names of investors in business project. The city of Kerman incorporated in 1946.

Legal Issues in Kerman California

If you need a Kerman Lawyer Referral, to represent you in a legal dispute in or near Kerman, contact Attorney Search Network. Attorney Search Network is a California State Bar Certified Fresno County Lawyer Referral Service. A Kerman Lawyer may be able to assist with the following common legal issues:

  • Kerman Personal Injury Attorney: If you are injured in an auto accident a Kerman Personal Injury Attorney can help. A Kerman Attorney can deal with the insurance companies while you focus on healing. Kerman Attorneys help with both minor and serious injuries.
  • Kerman Criminal Defense Attorney: If you are arrested for a criminal offense, you can hire a Kerman Criminal Defense Attorney to defend you. If the charges are felony, misdemeanor, or Federal you can hire our own private representation. Most criminal cases from Kerman arrests will be seen in Fresno courts. A Fresno Criminal Defense attorney or Kerman Criminal Defense Lawyer can defend you.
  • Kerman Immigration Lawyer: If you or a family member needs to apply for a Visa, apply for Citizenship, or deal with a Deportation a Kerman Immigration Attorney can help. Kerman immigration attorneys are familiar with current immigration law and are ready to help.
  • Kerman Slip and Fall Lawyer: Slip and fall is a type of Premises Liability injury law. If you are injured on the premises of a business or residence you may have a premises liability case. Not every injury sustained at a premise will qualify as a case, but it is work talking to a Kerman Injury Lawyer.
  • Kerman Family Law Lawyer: The family court deals with Divorce, Legal Separation, Child Custody, Paternity, Child Visitation, and more family legal issues. If you have a family law issue a Kerman Family Law Lawyer can help. Family Law issues can very be very emotional and decisions impact children and parents alike. A Kerman Family Law Attorney can be your voice and advocate during this stressful and important time.
  • Kerman Work Injury Lawyer: If you are injured at work, a Kerman Work Injury Lawyer can help you get medical treatment to recover. Your employer most likely has Worker's Compensation insurance. A Kerman Worker's Compensation Lawyer can work with the insurance company to ensure you get medical benefits. You can focus on recovering while your Kerman Worker's Compensation Attorney deals with the insurance and your employer.
  • Kerman Employment Lawyer: In California there are legal protections for employees regarding hiring, firing, sexual harassment, payment, and safety in the workplace. If your employer is not paying you, or not paying you for overtime, breaks, or work expense a Kerman Employment Law Lawyer can help. These cases are sometimes called "Wage and Hour" cases. A Kerman Attorney can negotiate with your employer or fill suit if necessary, to try and rectify your work experience.

Attorney Search Network can refer Kerman lawyers for most types of legal issues. If we are unable to refer you to a Kerman Lawyer or a near by Fresno Lawyer/, we will try to provide other options or resources. If you are unsure what type of lawyer you need, we can help categorize your legal issue and provide you with the correct type of Kerman lawyer referral. Contact Attorney Search Network today for a free referral to an experienced lawyer that will help you with your legal issue

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B. F. Sisk Courthouse

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Fresno County Superior Court Archives Facility

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US District Court

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Clovis DMV

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Reedley DMV

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558 E Dinuba Ave, Reedley, CA 93654

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Department of Motor Vehicles

655 Quince St, Mendota, CA 93640

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Coalinga DMV

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406 E Elm Ave, Coalinga, CA 93210

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Green Valley Truck Permits

Department of Motor Vehicles

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Fresno Driver Safety Office

Driver's License Office

2510 S East Ave #310, Fresno, CA 93706

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