Lemon Law Buyback

Consumer Lemon Law Buyback

Lemon Law Buyback:

If a vehicle suffers a defect repeatedly over a set amount a time and is repaired by the dealership more than three times while still under warranty, the vehicle is called a "lemon," as it is likely unfixable and thus unusable. When a dealership or manufacturer buys back such a vehicle from the purchaser, the act is called a Lemon Law Buyback. The manufacturer must reimburse the purchaser for the amount paid for the vehicle, including the down payment, all monthly payments, vehicle registration costs, and outstanding auto loans. The manufacturer must then label the vehicle as a lemon law buyback in case they attempt to replace the defected part and resell the vehicle. Manufacturers may deduct certain costs from the refunds given for a lemon law buyback, such as for mileage driven before the defect occurred or for certain items added on to the vehicle after purchase.

Lemon Law Buyback Legal Issues:

In most cases, if a vehicle has been repaired for the same problem over three times while still under warranty (usually within one year), the law requires the manufacturer to buy the vehicle back from the owner and mark it as a lemon law buyback. However, the problem or defect must be "substantial." If the manufacturer does not deem the defect to be substantial, they may not buy back the vehicle but may offer a cash settlement or replacement.

What a Consumer Lawyer can do for you:

If you believe you have purchased a lemon, a consumer law attorney can help you file a lemon law buyback claim. A lemon law attorney will deal with the manufacturer for you to ensure that they buyback your lemon and refund you all money due to you under the lemon law buyback regulations. If you have notified a manufacturer about your lemon and the notice has been ignored, a consumer law lawyer will help you with a lawsuit against the manufacturer, proving that you have a lemon law buyback case.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you believe you have a vehicle that is entitled to the lemon law buyback policy, you should seek legal assistance from a consumer law lawyer. Attorney Search Network has several lemon law lawyers that have many years of experience dealing with lemon law buyback cases in California.

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