Bankruptcy Creditor's Rights

Bankruptcy Creditor's Rights

What are Bankruptcy Creditor's Rights?

There are laws in place to help protect bankruptcy creditor's rights in the collection of debts. In bankruptcy cases, for example, creditors have the right to be treated fairly. They may also have the right to receive a portion of the debtor's assets to help them recover their losses, despite the bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy creditor's rights were created because many debts get discharged in bankruptcy cases. With bankruptcy creditor's rights, however, the creditor may petition in court to not have the debt discharged through an "adversary proceeding."

Bankruptcy Creditor's Rights Lawyers

If a debtor files for a bankruptcy, a creditor may be able to protect their rights and recover some of their losses by seeking the legal council of a bankruptcy creditor"s rights lawyer. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you limit your liability and losses, and secure a judgment against the debtor if necessary. An attorney with experience in bankruptcy creditor's rights can be your best chance at collecting at least some of the debts legally owed to you.

Some debts owed by a debtor get discharged in bankruptcy proceedings. A creditor holding such a debt may commence an "adversary proceeding" before a court-established deadline to obtain a ruling that the debt will not be discharged in the bankruptcy. If the debt is unsecured it may be discharged in the bankruptcy. The creditors who hold secured debt can participate in the bankruptcy case, but unsecured debt can be discharged in the bankruptcy.

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